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Chip Robot Dog

Want the most intelligent best friend for your little one?

Chip Robot Dog, Axel is the cutest, intelligent and most interactive pet out there! Watch him come to life with his movements, eyes, intelligence and personality. He won’t bite or scare anyone. He is the perfect family pet who listens, learns and loves to accompany you, wherever you go.
Chip Robot Dog, FEATURES:
Chip Robot Dog, Remote controlled: Axel is remotely controllable with 50 feet long range controller.
Versatile tricks: He can sing, dance, walk, lie down, fart, coquetry, stand, climb. Axel’s LED eyes change the expressions based on different sounds and actions.

Chip Robot Dog, Unique study mode
: 26 alphabets and numbers from 0 to 10 will display on Axel’s eyes. A perfect combination between sound and pictures makes Axel the best teacher for your kid , who will help strengthen your baby’s memory. 

Chip Robot Dog, Standby mode
: Every few seconds, Axel will do some actions to attract your attention. If you won’t give him any commands, he will enter sleep mode to take some rest.

Chip Robot Dog, Dance and Sing Mode: Axel can dance and sing with your little one. He is a perfect storyteller who will always accompany his master.
Chip Robot Dog, Two control modes: It is touch-sensitive and can also be controlled with remote control. Axel will quickly respond to all your commands.

Chip Robot Dog, Rechargeable battery
: Don’t forget to feed Axel on time; just recharge his batteries and he will be ready to play with you non-stop.

Chip Robot Dog, Environmental Friendly
: Axel is made of non-toxic ABS material. He is a perfect gift for young children or people who love dogs.


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We’re thrilled to support Nanhi Pari Foundation is a Girl Child Right Organization that works for Education for Girl Child.


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Chip Robot Dog, Amazing Dog and Puppy Facts

Bringing a dog or puppy into your family is a huge decision, and here are some things about man’s best four-legged friend that are sure to be of interest to children (and some adults):

1. An adult dog has 42 teeth.
2. A dog’s sense of smell is more than 1 million times stronger than that of a person.
3. More than 1 in 3 families in the United States owns a dog.
4. Spaying or neutering your dog can help prevent certain types of cancer.
5. If never spayed or neutered, a pair of dogs can produce 66,000 puppies in 6 years.
6. A dog’s sense of hearing is more than 10 times more accurate than that of a person.
7. The average dog can run about 19 miles per hour at full speed.
8. Dogs are mentioned 14 times in the Bible.
9. A dog’s nose print is one of a kind, very similar to a person’s fingerprint.
10. The average body temperature for a dog is 101.2.
11. With an average lifespan of just over 11 years, the typical dog costs $13,500.
12. The only sweat glands a dog has are between its toes.
13. Dogs are omnivorous; they need to eat more than just meat.
14. Dogs have twice as many ear muscles as people.
15. Dogs will be submissive to anyone they feel is higher up in the pack.
16. People have been keeping dogs as pets for 12,000 years.
17. A female dog carries her puppies for about 60 days before they are born.
18. It is myth dogs are color blind; they actually see color, just not as vividly as a person.
19. Obesity is the number-one health problem in dogs.
20. Seventy percent of people sign their pet’s name on greeting/holiday cards.

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