Dog T-shirt For Mom Love It

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Dog T-shirt For Mom Love It

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We’re thrilled to support Nanhi Pari Foundation is a Girl Child Right Organization which works for Education, Health & Nutrition for Girl Child.

Dog T-shirt For Mom Love It      Dog T-shirt For Mom Love It    Dog T-shirt For Mom Love It     Dog T-shirt For Mom Love It


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Dog T-shirt For Mom Love It

Dog Facts

The dog is one of the most popular pets in the world (of course cat lovers will argue for cats). Dogs have long played an important role in the lives of humans. It’s thought that dogs have been pets for thousands of years. Dogs are often called Man’s Best Friend. This is because dogs help man out in so many ways.

Types and Breeds of Dogs

There are lots of breeds and types of dogs. Dogs vary in size from very small (just a couple of inches tall) to very large (three feet tall). Some breeds of dogs are considered better for indoor or outdoor pets and some breeds are considered working dogs. Jobs that dogs perform include hunting, police work, rescue work, and seeing-eye dogs for the blind. Because dogs are intelligent and willing to be trained, they make a great companion and work animal.

Dogs are mammals. Different breeds have different characteristics and skills, but most dogs have large teeth, can run fast and jump, walk on their toes, and have strong muscles.
Smelling, Seeing, Hearing

Dogs have very good senses. They have an excellent sense of smell which has made dogs good at tracking as well as sniffing out illegal items like drugs or bombs. Some dogs are specifically bred to increase their sense of smell. Dogs also have an excellent field of vision allowing them to see almost in a complete circle. Their hearing is very sensitive as well and has a large frequency range. This enables dogs to hear sounds that are much higher than humans. Their great hearing makes them good guard dogs.

Dogs as Pets

Dogs can be great pets for kids. The key is to train both the dog and the child. Kids must learn how to treat a dog so the dog will not retaliate. There are many expert trainers who can help you choose the right dog for your family as well as help train your dog and children how to behave.

Choosing a Dog

There are lots of great breeds out there, but each one is different. If you decide to have a dog for a pet, you need to choose a dog that fits your lifestyle. Some things to consider:
How active are you – Be honest here. Some dogs like to hang around, but others need lots of exercise. Pick a dog that fits your level of activity.
Yard dog or house dog – Some dogs want to be outside. Pick a dog that will be happy with the home and yard you have.
Do you have kids in your family – Some dogs are better with kids than others.
Finances – Before you get a dog, be sure to understand the costs. Can you afford feeding a dog, getting it shots, taking it to the vet, and more?
Time commitment – Dogs take time. They have emotional and physical needs that will take up a good amount of your time. Be sure you want to do this every day before getting a dog.

Fun Facts About Dogs

A dog can smell about 100,000 times better than a human.
The majority of a dog’s sweat glands are between the pads on its paws.
Chocolate can make dogs very sick or even kill them because it contains a substance called theobromine, which is like a poison to dogs.
Dogs hear around ten times better than the average human.
Smaller dog breeds tend to live longer than big dog breeds.
More than 30% of families in the United States have a dog for a pet.
Having a pet dog has shown to make people healthier. They live longer and have fewer heart attacks.


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22 reviews for Dog T-shirt For Mom Love It

  1. Madisen Satterfield

    Very nice quality. I think it will be perfect for this season.

  2. Harry Boyle

    Very good quality. I recommend it, the seller was very fast, got everything right, can trust.

  3. Hassan Ebert

    Very well packed with short delivery time.

  4. Sean Green

    Very good product protection. The quality is OK

  5. Justyn Tremblay

    Very timely delivery. Product looks nice too.

  6. Norberto Kozey

    Very high-quality product! Came quickly. I advise the seller. Thanks to him.

  7. Narciso McClure

    Very long delivery nearly 1 month! The product quality magnet is well magnetized! . A bit expensive

  8. Wallace Conroy

    Very honest, reliable, and timely.

  9. Austin Towne

    Very happy with my order! Quality of goods is awesome! Communication with seller was very good and friendly! I recommend! 5+ STAR

  10. Baron Sanford

    Very patient with my questions. Also had some issues with payment and they were understanding

  11. Jensen Turcotte

    Very good product I recommend 100%, well packed.

  12. Hayley Kuphal

    Very good product, especially fair price. Thank you!

  13. Jimmie Bergnaum

    Very good quality and price. I recommend this seller!

  14. Ethan Flatley

    Very nice product, very easy to use, lot of things you can do with, but i think is too much expencive.

  15. Kamren Kshlerin

    Very nice quality and seem well made.

  16. Clemens Homenick

    Very professional experience

  17. Jerrold Boyer

    Very nice COLORS, it looks quality nice, came to me in a month, very friendly seller with good communication. Best of what I expected.

  18. Judah Quigley

    Very quick service, nice product

  19. Kellen Senger

    Very handy and useful product, arrived on time.

  20. Tanner Lebsack

    Well all packed. Everything is super! Thank you!

  21. Mark

    This product is great!

  22. Jayme Predovic

    Top seller. Very fast service! High quality! See you again

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