One Punch Man Cap Just For You

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One Punch Man Cap Just For You

One Punch Man Cap !!!

You are a big fan of One punch man anime. You must be very impressed with the character Saitama in the movie. One of the points that make Saitama different and unforgettable from all other superheroes is the head of the egg without his hair. He looked both funny and cute. That face made Saitama special and his image was easier to get into people’s hearts than ever. This hat is inspired by this lovely character. The design is simple but beautiful, featuring an emotionless face image that will bring a funny and impressive look. It is a great gift for any fan of One punch man. Buy it now!

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We’re thrilled to support Nanhi Pari Foundation is a Girl Child Right Organization which works for Education, Health & Nutrition for Girl Child.


One Punch Man Cap Just For You      One Punch Man Cap Just For You    One Punch Man Cap Just For You     One Punch Man Cap Just For You


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One Punch Man Cap Just For You

One Punch Man Facts

Saitama is the main protagonist of One Punch Man series created by ONE. For Saitama I can say that he is pretty much an ordinary man except for a very well-built physique and of a normal height and weight. Nothing special about him except the fact that he can solve every problem with one punch.

More than three years prior to the start of the One Punch Man story line, Saitama was an unemployed man on a job hunt. One day, after yet another failed interview, a nihilistic-feeling Saitama was wandering the streets and encountered a villain called Crabrante. From that moment on, Saitama’s hero story begins!

#1 ONE wanted for Saitama to appear simple for one obvious reason.
ONE decided to go with a rather simplistic design for Saitama because there are way too many superheroes that look “cool”. In ONE’s opinion, coolness comes from one’s spirit not looks.

#2 Saitama was based off of Anpanman.
Anpanman’s costume consists of a red jumpsuit with yellow gloves. If you reverse the colors, you will get Saitama’s costume color combination.

Anpanman is a picture book series written Takashi Yanase who during the Second World War experienced starvation many times which made him dream about eating anpan (a bean-jam filledd pastry).

#3 Before becoming a superhero, Saitama worked in a convenience store.
This was confirmed in One Punch Man: Hero Perfection Q&A by ONE and it was also shown in ONE’s picture dairy on his old homepage. There is a scene where a robber is pointing a knife at Saitama and all Saitama did was wonder where is the barcode of the knife. Saitama thought that the knife was one of the merchandise.

#4 Saitama stole a move from Gon Freecss.
At the end of One Punch Man opening, Saitama makes a reference to Hunter x Hunter with us never noticing that. You can see how Saitama is placing his left hand over his right hand while preparing to land a blow. This is a parody of Gon Freecss’s attack “Rock”.

#5 ONE used Saitama to reference his other work.
There have been many Mob Psycho 100 references in the One Punch Man series (and vice versa):

Saitama appears on Arataka Reigen’s cellphone as a background picture.
Shigeo Kageyama, better known as Mob, the protagonist of Mob Psycho 100, has a facial expression identical to that of Saitama himself.
In one scene you can see young Saitama wearing a shirt on which is written Mob Psycho 1000000.
Saitama has a Mob Psycho 100 manga on the floor near his futon in Paradise Group.
Saitama has a cameo appearance in a dream sequence in chapter 80.5 of Mob Psycho 100.

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    Black, Khaki

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    1. Coty Herzog

      Love this brand, great price, fun colors.

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      It’s Okay for daily usage with quick support

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      Love it! Great quality and price. Good communication from seller.

    4. Reese Hayes

      Love it. Very easy to use & good quality.

    5. Zander Lemke

      Its a great experience with how this company doing business, trustworthy and quick respond if you have any question, very very happy

    6. Lesley Langosh

      Love it. Fair price and very easy to use.

    7. Christ Weber

      Love this thing!! All and all a super product and great deal.

    8. Bell Rodriguez

      Mega beautiful, good Fabric!! Awesome support. Seller recommend!!

    9. Maximus Cummings

      It’s beautiful, I recommend the seller due to great service!

    10. Flavio Hansen

      Many thanks, EVERYTHING is in a perfect state and the shipping is very fast.

    11. Demetrius Wintheiser

      Love it. exactly like the picture. FASTEST SHIPPING!!

    12. Ned Will

      Love this product! Good quality and great price. It also makes a great gift for any occasion! Highly recommend!

    13. Hobart Lowe

      Love this! So comfortable.

    14. Alexie Baumbach

      its look good, but due to my poor skill and no instructions at all.

    15. Adolfo Kuhn

      Look like in the photo, quality, fast delivery, good price, thank you!

    16. Darren Balistreri

      Many thanks, EVERYTHING in perfect state, and the Shipping very fast.

    17. Benton Nitzsche

      Item delivered in one month. Packaging was great. I have not yet used the product, will update further after using it.

    18. Adelbert Moen

      Just what I needed. My second purchase for the same product.

    19. Alfonso Parker

      It’s OK. I recommend this seller, they will answer all of your concerns

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      Just what I hoped it would be. So pretty quality and comfortable!

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      Love it. The goods look exactly like the pictures. FASTEST SHIPPING!!

    22. Harrison Wiza

      It’s worth to pay for this product, reasonable price.

    23. Ayden Lueilwitz

      Look exactly like the picture, packed beautifully, but in fact has not yet tried

    24. Mark

      This product is great!

    25. Isac Conroy

      The order was delivered, but the box was slightly wrinkled. Wrote to the seller, promised now to carefully pack before sending. I advise

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