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Knee Pillow For Sleeping !!!

Knee Pillow, Nothing feels more comforting than coming home after a long day and relax in your cozy bed. A good night sleep not only revitalizes your body and mind but also helps it heal.
Knee Pillow, If body aches, sciatica pain, discomfort, or muscle stress keeps you up at night then there are chances that you are sleeping in a wrong position. Ignoring the proper way to support your back and spine during sleep can cause pain, stiffness, and soreness, and nobody wants to wake up with all that!

Knee Pillow, A good-quality knee pillow can make a huge difference in your sleep posture, offering excellent comfort at night. Duveno is intelligently designed to ideally fit between your knees to provide maximum support and improve circulation.

Knee Pillow, It acts as a wedge cushion that elevates the upper leg to keep your legs, hips, and spine parallel and aligned, relieving pressure on the lower back and alleviates sciatica, lower back, hip or joint pain.

Made From high-grade memory foam, Duveno naturally conforms to your body contours and retains its shape even after months of extensive use.
Knee Pillow, FEATURES

Enjoy Healthy and Comfortable Sleep
: Knee Pillow, Do you have trouble sleeping due to unwanted pain? Specially designed for your comfort and convenience while sleeping, Duveno offers support for your spine and back, helping reduce lower back, leg, hip, ankle, or joint pain and muscle tensions. Since it is recommended by professionals to sleep on the side, the pillow ensures that you get adequate support, allowing you to sleep better and for longer hours.
Pain Relief: Knee Pillow, Did you know 72 percent of side-sleepers wake up to back pain due to lack of leg and spine support! Sleeping on the side puts pressure on your lower back which can cause discomfort and stress. But not anymore! Duveno’s ergonomic design provides optimal support to side sleepers and makes sure that you rest in perfect sleep position while aligning the hip and pelvis area. Simply place it between your thighs and Duveno will prevent pain while comforting your lower back and muscles.

Knee Contour Pillow; Premium Quality Material
: Knee Pillow, You no longer need to invest in the traditional pillows that do not provide any support or relieve and becomes flat within a few weeks! Duveno innovative contoured structure keeps your legs, hip, and spine in ideal alignment while sleeping and improves circulation for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Made of 100% high-density memory foam, this pillow molds to fit your body’s contours and goes back to its original shape when not in use. It is extremely soft, comfortable yet firm and durable enough to last for years to come.
Versatile and Easy to Clean: Knee Pillow, Duveno orthopedic pillow is perfect for everyone who needs supports while resting and would make a great comfort pillow for expecting mother during pregnancy. You can even use it to rest your legs while lying on the back. The pillow also comes with an air-knit cover which is extremely gentle on the skin and helps dissipate body heat for added comfort. It also features a zipper design so that you can wash the case anytime.

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Protection Neck Pillow for Bed

Knee Pillow, Pillow Facts

Knee Pillow, Having the right bed pillows is not only comforting, they play an important role in supporting the intricate structures of the head, neck, shoulders, hips, and spine. When used well, pillows help in alleviating or preventing many common forms of back and neck pain, as well as shoulder, hip, and other forms of joint pain.

Pillows serve to keep the upper body in alignment during sleep, relieving pressure and counterbalancing the points in the body. Knee Pillow, The pillow should adjust to fit one’s unique shape, curves, and sleeping position and alleviate any pressure points.

Pillow Support Is Crucial for Spine Problems
For those with spinal disorders, the right type of support can be especially important in helping the spine rest comfortably. Sufficient and restorative sleep are the body’s chance to heal itself from the postural, physical, and nervous challenges of the day.

Pillow fillings vary in their level of support. Most down or feather pillows offer little structural support compared with pillows filled with firmer materials.

Knee Pillow, One research study compared the support provided by 3 different types of pillows:

A roll-shaped orthopedic pillow filled with polypropylene capsules
A contour-shaped memory foam pillow made of polyurethane
A feather pillow made of 100% goose down.
The orthopedic pillow was found the best for spinal alignment and the feather pillow fared worst.

While research can be helpful, individual comfort and support should be the deciding factor. Trying out a pillow for a week should be enough time to decide whether the pillow is beneficial.

Aligning Pillow Height with Sleep Position and Body Size
Knee Pillow,  The human neck curves slightly forward (to sustain the weight of the head when upright), and it’s important to maintain this curve when in a resting position.

Knee Pillow, If the pillow is too high when sleeping sideways or on the back, the neck is bent abnormally forward or to the side, causing muscle strain on the back of the neck and shoulders. This type of position may also cause narrowing of the air pipe, resulting in obstructed breathing, and sometimes snoring, which can hinder sleep. Conversely, if the height of the pillow is too low, the neck muscles can be strained.

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