Health Magnetic Bracelet

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Health Magnetic Bracelet

Health Magnetic Bracelet !!!

This magnetic therapy bracelet combines and leverages the natural power from the magnets, negative ions and germanium’s characteristic in a unique design jewelry. You won’t want to leave home without it !

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Health Magnetic Bracelet      Health Magnetic Bracelet    Health Magnetic Bracelet     Health Magnetic Bracelet

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Health Magnetic Bracelet



Many ancient cultures used magnets in healing. Civilizations such as China, Greece and Egypt believed magnets could restore natural balance and harmony to body systems. Archeologists have found records of using magnets in healing that date back thousands of years. Natural magnets were found from Cleopatra’s time. They were made by cooled lava, which contains iron, that is magnetized by lodestones.


Magnets acting on the body’s own electromagnetic field restore balance. They do this by increasing blood flow and oxygen. This stimulates the natural healing processes of the body. The increased blood flow and oxygen increase cellular respiration. This, in turn, increased caloric consumption–that is, it burns more calories. While there is much debate about the actual cellular effects, magnetic therapy offers a safe, non-invasive therapy.


Magnetic therapy is the use of magnets in an attempt to align the magnetic fields in the body. There has been much discussion over this pseudoscientific practice because the effects have not been proven. Many people utilize this form of alternative medicine as a way to relieve constant pain and help with certain conditions.

How it Works

Magnets are believed to have the ability change our cellular physiology. By using the magnets, it is believed by some that you can change your metabolism and lose weight. The north pole of a magnet stimulates and the south pole slows down metabolism. To stimulate metabolism you place the north pole of the magnet at the thyroid, which is at the base of the throat.

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    23 reviews for Health Magnetic Bracelet

    1. Madisen Satterfield

      Very nice quality. I think it will be perfect for this season.

    2. Orlo Dach

      Well packed, all according to the description.

    3. Hassan Ebert

      Very well packed with short delivery time.

    4. Junior Mraz

      Working good

    5. Nikko Balistreri

      Well packaged, good quality. I recommend

    6. Justyn Tremblay

      Very timely delivery. Product looks nice too.

    7. Norberto Kozey

      Very high-quality product! Came quickly. I advise the seller. Thanks to him.

    8. Elroy Moen

      We’ve been using this for over a year now and it’s still working great. I actually took it to a party recently and got a ton of comments about how awesome this thing is!

    9. Narciso McClure

      Very long delivery nearly 1 month! The product quality magnet is well magnetized! . A bit expensive

    10. Arden Swaniawski

      Well packed, arrived in good condition. Very fast shipping in less than a month, looks like in the description, cheap

    11. Wallace Conroy

      Very honest, reliable, and timely.

    12. Baron Sanford

      Very patient with my questions. Also had some issues with payment and they were understanding

    13. Nigel McDermott

      Well packed. Thank you seller

    14. Lucas Fay

      Well packaged, good product. I was satisfied with the purchase

    15. Emmitt Smith

      Well protected and packaged. Everything just like the publicity photos.

    16. Ethan Flatley

      Very nice product, very easy to use, lot of things you can do with, but i think is too much expencive.

    17. Kamren Kshlerin

      Very nice quality and seem well made.

    18. Clemens Homenick

      Very professional experience

    19. Mack McLaughlin

      Well packed and no broken. But the product does not match with what I expected

    20. Jerrold Boyer

      Very nice COLORS, it looks quality nice, came to me in a month, very friendly seller with good communication. Best of what I expected.

    21. Judah Quigley

      Very quick service, nice product

    22. Tanner Lebsack

      Well all packed. Everything is super! Thank you!

    23. Olaf Sauer

      Arrived on time, well packaged. Everything is true to the description.

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