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Electric Dog Wireless Fence !!!

Electric Dog Wireless Fence, 1/2/3 Wireless Electric Dog Pet Fence Shock Collar System Waterproof Transmitter 

Electric Dog Wireless Fence, Description:

Comfortable Waterproof Collar
Proportional Static Shock
Progressive Warning Tone
Variable Field Width Control
Audible and Visual Wire Break Indicators
Speed Detect Anti-Run Through
Multiple Collar Operation
Style: 1 Dog System/ 2 Dog Systems/ 3 Dog Systems
Plug: EU/US(1 Dog System), US(2 Dog Systems/ 3 Dog Systems)
Electric Dog Wireless Fence, Usage:
Step 1: Plan your layout
Step 2: Install and test your system
Step 3: Place the collar on your dogs and find the right stimulation level
Step 4: Train your dog in short sessions during the next two weeks
1 Dog System
Electric Dog Wireless Fence, Package Included:
1 x Transmitter (Built-in rechargeable lithium battery)
1x Collar Receiver (Built-in rechargeable lithium battery)
1 x Test Light Tool
4 x Screws
1 x User’s Manual
1 x Charger
1 x 300-meter Wire
20 x Boundary/Training Flags
2 pairs Metal Probes
2 Dog Systems
Electric Dog Wireless Fence, Package Included:
1 x Transmitter (Built-in rechargeable lithium battery)
2 x Collar Receiver (Built-in rechargeable lithium battery)
2 x Test Light Tool
4 x Screws
1 x User’s Manual
1 x Charger
1 x 300-meter Wire
20 x Boundary/Training Flags
4 pairs Metal Probes
3 Dog Systems
Electric Dog Wireless Fence, Package Included:
1 x Transmitter (Built-in rechargeable lithium battery)
3 x Collar Receiver (Built-in rechargeable lithium battery)
3 x Test Light Tool
4 x Screws
1 x User’s Manual
1 x Charger
1 x 300-meter Wire
20 x Boundary/Training Flags
6 pairs Metal Probes

Set up the power level of the transmitter signal properly following the below table.

Transmitter Signal Level  Remote Control Distance
10 0.5 meter
20 1.0 meter
30 2.0 meter
40 3.0 meter
50 3.5 meter
60 4.0 meter
70 4.5 meter
80 5.0 meter
90 6.0 meter
100 7.0 meter


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Dog Fence Electric Wirless

Electric Dog Wireless Fence, Invisible Dog Fence Benefits

When people think of invisible pet fencing, the first thing that comes to mind is often the whine of a neighbor’s dog. Don’t worry; it isn’t as bad as it sounds. In fact, many electric pet containment systems have adjustable controls for any kind of shock your dog may, or may not, feel. There are also many other flexible advantages invisible pet fencing is able to offer, for both your dog and your property, as well.

Hidden Benefits of Electric Dog Fence Installation
Unlike traditional wooden-plank or chain-link fences, which can take up a lot of space in a yard, most invisible pet fencing is buried underground. By planting a perimeter of wire around a designated area and attaching a radio transmitter to your dog’s collar, you now have a barrier that no one will notice but your pet! If you want, you can use flags around your yard to denote where the fence ends and begins, but if you don’t place any markers, these systems are practically undetectable!

Electric Dog Wireless Fence, Cost and Maintenance of Invisible Pet Fencing
Another great benefit of electric dog fence installation is this: these systems are much less expensive than traditional fencing. Not only is invisible pet fencing cheaper to install, it doesn’t ever need to be re-finished, re-stained, re-painted, or replaced, saving you money and time in the long run. The only real maintenance invisible pet fencing requires is battery replacement, which can be made very easy if your fence company has a mailing program that will send you batteries whenever it comes time to replace.

Electric Dog Wireless Fence, Invisible Pet Fencing Offers More Flexibility
Due to its use of radio waves rather than a physical barrier, invisible pet fencing provides many more options than traditional fences. You can create fencing exactly where you desire; you’re not just limited to the perimeter of your yard. You can put it around a garden or flowerbed so you dog won’t dig up your vegetables or plants. You can put it around your patio if you don’t want your dog to leave the porch. If you have a giant yard, you can build a lawn-within-a-lawn to control your dog’s movement. In fact, if you already have a pre-existing fence that you enjoy but your dog has still found a way to get out, simply place the electric fence around the border of the physical one to make sure escape is prevented for good.

Electric Dog Wireless Fence, Electric Dog Fence Installation Offers Convenience
Do you have hard-to-fence areas in your yard: around trees, sharp corners, or your neighbors’ pre-existing fence? Remember, invisible fences are simple to install and they can go anywhere you want; they open up your yard and allow for unhindered views of your neighborhood. They are the perfect fit if you have a homeowners association or a landlord that does not allow traditional fencing. Plus, they work all day and all night so you never have to think twice about them. Additionally, if you move, you can now bring your fencing with you: just dig it up and you have a lifelong investment.

Electric Dog Wireless Fence, Wireless Pet Containment Systems
Wireless pet containment systems are much like other invisible pet fencing, but work without having to bury a wire around the perimeter of your yard. Installing wireless pet containment systems is easier than more conventional electric dog fence installation; all you do is place a transmitter in a central location and it creates a circular field that works much like the buried wire. The major drawback of wireless pet containment systems is that only a circular field can be created; instead of being able to customize the perimeter to your liking, you are restricted to a pre-determined, circular boundary. Wireless systems are great for homes that are in the dead center of the property, but as most houses aren’t situated in this manner, many find that the mild inconvenience of burying an antenna one or two inches into the ground well worth the added flexibility of wired systems.

Smart GPS Pet Collar Tracker

Wireless Dog Fence With Collar Just For You

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

with 1 collar, with 2 collar, with 3 collar

Plug Type

AU Plug, EU Plug, UK Plug, US Plug

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