Breastfeeding Baby Support Pillow

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Breastfeeding Baby Support Pillow



Breastfeeding Baby, Features:
Get the perfect latch with the Layered Boppy Nursing Pillow that elevates your baby to breast height, supporting successful nursing in whatever hold feels right to you. A good latch starts by bringing baby up to breast. Lifting baby with a single-height pillow is limiting and can put moms in very uncomfortable positions. 

Breastfeeding Baby, Our uniquely layered pillow easily adjusts, raising baby to breast with three elevation levels, and opens up more nursing-hold options to mom. As your little one grows, change the height to adjust to their size. The flexible design allows you to breastfeed with baby across your lap (cradle and cross-cradle) or at your side (football or clutch hold). 

Breastfeeding Baby, Football hold is a recommended position for moms recovering from C-sections as it keeps pressure away from the incision site.When breastfeeding is complete, fold the pillow in half and secure with the colorful ribbon for compact, neat storage.
  •  Soft & comfortable layers of love – PERFECTION!
  •  Convenient, easy to use and super helpful for Mamas
  •  Flexible nursing pillow, height adjustable through different layers
  •  Helps easy latching
  •  Supports many nursing positions.
  •  Material: Cotton/Polyester, Filling: Cotton
  •  Machine washable
  •  Simply fold in half for compact & easy storage
  •  Great baby shower gift idea for a new mom

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Breastfeeding Baby Support Pillow      Breastfeeding Baby Support Pillow    Breastfeeding Baby Support Pillow     

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Breastfeeding Baby, Baby Facts

Cute, cuddly and full of curiosity, babies are amazing to say the least. A baby can brighten a room with its smile, melt a heart with its laugh and provide a whole new perspective on life.

Breastfeeding Baby, But we already know this about our little ones. What you may not know is that babies are not only filled with sweetness, but also the subject of a plethora of astonishing facts that prove babies really are the most remarkable little things on the planet.

Breastfeeding Baby, Prepare to be blown away by these 16 riveting revelations about your little one’s first year of life.

1. Babies are born to boogie.
Breastfeeding Baby, Talk about tiny dancers! Studies have proven that babies are born with an innate sense of rhythm. While they may not be able to bust a move quite yet, research shows that babies have an instinctive ability to respond to the rhythm and tempo of music and may even find it more engaging than speech.

2. Newborns have natural aquatic instincts when in water!
Breastfeeding Baby, Babies are born with a “diving reflex” known as bradycardic response, which causes their body to naturally adapt to their surroundings when submerged in water. Bub’s heart rate will slow down and he will instinctively hold his breath when under water. What’s even more incredible is that, like fish, babies can actually breathe and swallow at the same time for the first few months of their life. They learn this talent while in the womb but begin to lose this ability around the 6-month mark.

3. Babies are born with 300 bones.
Breastfeeding Baby, That’s 94 more than adults. Where do the extra bones go? They fuse together during development.

4. Smiles are reserved for human babies only.
Breastfeeding Baby, That’s right. Human infants are the only species that smile at their parents. Aren’t we blessed?

5. Newborns don’t have kneecaps.
Breastfeeding Baby, No kneecap? No worries. Babies make do without. In fact, a baby’s kneecap, also known as the patella, doesn’t develop into hard bone until the little one enters preschoolerhood (between the ages of three and five).

6. Babies go through around 3360 nappies in the first year.
Breastfeeding Baby, That’s A LOT of late night trips to the baby aisle. And A LOT of wipes! What’s even more incredible is that newborns tend to wee every 20 minutes until their little bladders start to develop. Good thing nappies are so absorbent and Red Nose Baby Wipes are so gentle on baby’s skin at change time.

7. Infants first recognise the colour red.
Breastfeeding Baby, Some experts suggest newborns can only see black, white and grey while others suggest they can see different hues but they are incredible blurry. However, the first colour infants recognize is red. The last colours? Blue and purple.

8. Babies grow at an insanely speedy rate.
Breastfeeding Baby, Babies double their birth weight by five months and triple it by the first year (approximately).

9. They also grow about 1 to 1.5 cm each month.
Breastfeeding Baby, If they kept this rapid growth up, by adulthood, babies would measure in at 51 metres tall!

10. Newborns are tear-free.

They cry but they don’t produce real tears until approximately the age of three weeks. But, thanks to an overload of emotions and an influx in hormonal balance, new mums tend to make up for their missing tears during those first few days. Call it sympathy tears. And blame the hormones.

11. Their stomachs are the size of a walnut.

That’s nuts! No wonder they require constant feedings.

12. Babies lose the hair they are born with.

All of it. And usually by the tender age of four months. While their original hair falls out, a whole new head of hair grows in its place.

13. Babies will sleep, on average, 5400 hours in the first year.

Considering there are only 8760 hours in a year, this seems like A LOT! But remember, babies sleep only a few hours at a time, especially during the first three months. And this is only an estimate. Every baby is different and many don’t get the memo that they need to sleep this much (and for 8 hours at a time).

14. Babies deprive their parents of approximately 44 days of sleep.

And that’s only in the first year. Good thing they are so cute!

15. Their tastebuds only recognise sweet and sour.

Salt isn’t brought into the equation until around the age of four months.

16. Infants have supersized body parts

You probably noticed your little boy’s bits were especially prominent at birth (you can thank the swelling for that). While the swelling will subside, your babies’ head and eyes will remain supersized during the first year.
A newborn’s head accounts for 1/4th of his body length while the adult human skull is about 1/7th of the total body length.
And babies’ eyes? They are already 75 percent of the size of their adult eyes.

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