432 pcs/pack Mixed 18 Colors Full Short Round Nail Tips

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500 Pcs False Tips Nail Art Full Round Acrylic UV Gel Tip

432 pcs/pack Mixed 18 Colors Full Short Round Nail Tips !!!

432 pcs/pack Mixed 18 colors full short round nail tips Soft candy color oval head fake nails Acrylic false nail art salon tips

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We’re thrilled to support Nanhi Pari Foundation is a Girl Child Right Organization which works for Education, Health & Nutrition for Girl Child.


500 Pcs False Tips Nail Art Full Round Acrylic UV Gel Tip      500 Pcs False Tips Nail Art Full Round Acrylic UV Gel Tip    500 Pcs False Tips Nail Art Full Round Acrylic UV Gel Tip     500 Pcs False Tips Nail Art Full Round Acrylic UV Gel Tip


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500 Pcs False Tips Nail Art Full Round Acrylic UV Gel Tip

Nail Paint Facts

When it comes to painting our nails, there’s a lot more to master than just successfully polishing using the non-dominant hand. From dealing with smudges, to stubborn shades that don’t want to budge when we’re ready to take them off, we can use all the help we can get. Luckily, we have some tips that will make the nail painting process a whole lot easier–so read on below for these cool tricks that you need to know.

1. Line your nails with petroleum jelly before painting them for easy clean-up. By doing this, you will create a barrier between the polish and your skin so any mistakes you make will wipe right off.

2. Use a white nail polish as your base coat to make your nail color pop. Unless the polish you’re using is really opaque, the natural tint of your nails will alter its shade. To have the polish show up more true to color (like it is in the bottle), apply a white polish beforehand to cancel out that natural nail tint and amplify the color.

3. Speed up your drying time by soaking your nails in ice water after painting them. Believe it or not, the cold water will set the paint and help your nails dry quicker.

5. Remove stubborn polish by wrapping your nails in foil. If your nail polish just won’t budge when you try to take it off, soak a cotton pad in nail polish remover, put it on your nail, and wrap a piece of foil around your finger to hold the cotton pad in place against your nail. Leave the foil wraps on your nails for a few minutes. Next, slide the foil off along with the cotton and your polish will come off with it, too.

6. Paint white craft glue underneath glitter polish for easy removal. Glitter nail polish can be a pain to remove. To avoid the headache, paint your nails with glue before going in with the glitter. This way, when it comes time to say goodbye to the sparkles, you won’t have to scrub. You’ll be able to peel back the glue, bringing the glitter right along with it.

7. Roll your nail polish bottle to avoid air bubbles. We’re used to shaking our bottles up and down before we paint our nails to mix up the polish, but doing this can actually create bubbles. To mix things up, (bubble-free, that is), hold the bottle between your palms and rub your hands back and forth instead.

8. Loosen a stubborn nail polish lid by soaking it in hot water. Can’t get your nail polish open? Just add some hot water to the mix. Fill a glass with steaming water high enough to cover the lid, but being careful not to soak the bottle of paint, as that can mess up the consistency of the polish. Wait a few minutes before taking the nail polish out of the water. Once you do, you’ll easily be able to open the lid.

9. Spread petroleum jelly around the top of the bottle before closing it to prevent the polish from drying shut. To prevent a lid from getting stuck shut in the future, add petroleum jelly to the top of your polish bottle before you close it.

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Weight 0.065 kg

10 PCsNail Adhesive, 18 Random Colors, 5PCs Nail Adhesive, A-5PCs Mix Colors, B-5PCs Mix Colors, C-5PCs Mix Colors, D-5PCs Mix Colors, E-5PCs Mix Colors, E06 X 5PCs, E09 X 5PCs, E11 X 5PCs, E12 X 5PCs, E13 X 5PCs, E14 X 5PCs, E15 X 5PCs, E16 X 5PCs, E17 X 5PCs, E25 X 5PCs, F-5PCs Mix Colors, F1-5PCs Mix Colors, F10-5PCs Mix Colors, F2-5PCs Mix Colors, F3-5PCs Mix Colors, F36 X 5PCs, F37 X 5PCs, F38 X 5PCs, F39 X 5PCs, F4-5PCs Mix Colors, F46 X 5PCs, F48 X 5PCs, F5-5PCs Mix Colors, F6-5PCs Mix Colors, F7-5PCs Mix Colors, F8-5PCs Mix Colors, F9-5PCs Mix Colors, G-5PCs Mix Colors, H-5PCs Mix Colors, I-5PCs Mix Colors, J-5PCs Mix Colors, K-5PCs Mix Colors, L-5PCs Mix Colors, M-5PCs Mix Colors

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