Sexy Large Arm Sleeve Tattoo

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Sexy Large Arm sleeve Tattoo !!!

Temporary tattoos have different unique stickers which you can apply it on Arm. It’s waterproof and durable.


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Note: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Sexy Large Arm sleeve Tattoo      Sexy Large Arm sleeve Tattoo    Sexy Large Arm sleeve Tattoo     Sexy Large Arm sleeve Tattoo


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Sexy Large Arm sleeve Tattoo


Some Facts about tattoos

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When it comes to getting inked, 59 percent of women have tattoos compared to 41 percent of men, according to a new poll released by the Oxygen Network and Lightspeed Research. What’s more, 40 percent of women made their tattoo experience a shared one, often getting inked with friends and loved ones. Apparently women use the “bring-a-buddy” approach to tattoo parlors, just like they do with public bathrooms. 
Your skin is pierced 50 to 3000 times per minute by the tattoo machine when you get a tattoo.
The philosopher Confucius was against tattoos because he propagated that the human body is a gift. However, China’s stone sculptures depict men with tattoos on their faces as early as the 3rd century BC.
Plato was of the opinion that persons guilty of sacrilege must be tattooed forcibly.
Americans spend a staggering $1.65 billion on tattoos each year!
The most popular tattoo images are angels and hearts.
A tattoo is etched in the second layer of the skin, the dermis. The cells of the dermis are more stable than those of the epidermis.
Women are more likely to get their tattoos removed as compared to men.
‘Holiday’ is the name given to the area where the color of the tattoo has faded.
Laser surgery is the most effective tattoo removal technique. Black is the easiest color to get rid off as it absorbs a greater number of laser waves.
Green and yellow are the most difficult to remove.

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25 reviews for Sexy Large Arm Sleeve Tattoo

  1. Mike Lemke

    Amazing product! Received it nicely packaged. Highly recommend!

  2. Makenna Hauck

    Your money is worth it. Plus well packed.

  3. Anderson Brakus

    Amazing price with lots of benefits. A worthy product. I recommend!

  4. Sid Moen

    All whole, full perfectly packed.

  5. Junior Mraz

    Working good

  6. Bradley Rau

    Affordable price. Many thanks, EVERYTHING in perfect state, and the Shipping service very fast.

  7. Elroy Moen

    We’ve been using this for over a year now and it’s still working great. I actually took it to a party recently and got a ton of comments about how awesome this thing is!

  8. Lenny Heidenreich

    Absolutely amazing!

  9. Arden Swaniawski

    Well packed, arrived in good condition. Very fast shipping in less than a month, looks like in the description, cheap

  10. Orion Considine

    5 stars for the seller. They answer my question too fast 🙂

  11. Jarrod Shields

    Affordable price and very fast shipping!

  12. Evan Zemlak

    Amazing product! Received it nicely packaged within a short time.

  13. Nigel McDermott

    Well packed. Thank you seller

  14. Rosendo Runolfsdottir

    A bit expensive but very convenient to use.

  15. Lowell Dach

    Amazing price. I will surely buy from this store again.

  16. Zander Stoltenberg

    Amazing product! I love them! Seller was always so responsive! great great seller and product

  17. Johnpaul Becker

    Works as advertised! I read some previous bad reviews where people were complaining about this product but it states in the description that satisfied me. I really don’t think it’s fair that this is getting bad reviews because people aren’t reading the details of this product.

  18. Emmitt Smith

    Well protected and packaged. Everything just like the publicity photos.

  19. Joe Predovic

    All good, fast shipment, well packed.

  20. Barney Hackett

    A bit expensive. Product matches the description really well. I’m satisfied.

  21. Lewis Kunze

    All according to the announcement, I am very satisfied.

  22. Mac Harber

    Absolutely love this order! Wonderful quality and perfect fit. I will definitely be seeking out this name label in the future.

  23. Sam Kozey

    A good quality item but needs better instructions.

  24. Daron Ferry

    A good product, everything is securely packed

  25. Cornelius Schoen

    Usually an excellent service but once in a while my parcel is broken ones.

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