Rhinestone Double smart magnetic mesh Slimming Bangle

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Rhinestone Double smart magnetic mesh Slimming Bangle

Rhinestone Double Mesh Magnetic Slimming  Bangle!!!

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We’re thrilled to support Nanhi Pari Foundation is a Girl Child Right Organization which works for Education, Health & Nutrition for Girl Child.


Rhinestone Double smart magnetic mesh Slimming Bangle      Rhinestone Double smart magnetic mesh Slimming Bangle    Rhinestone Double smart magnetic mesh Slimming Bangle     Rhinestone Double smart magnetic mesh Slimming Bangle


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Rhinestone Double smart magnetic mesh Slimming Bangle

10 things to know about magnet therapy

1. In 1999, researchers at New York Medical College tested the pain relief capabilities of magnets. They found that 9 of 10 diabetic patients with nerve pain were successfully treated for pain with magnets. Since only three out of 10 with sham magnets experienced relief, the researchers recommended magnets for all patients experiencing nerve pain.

2. Are magnets as effective as morphine? That’s what neurologist Dr. Robert Holcombe said after using magnets for many years on patients with back pain.

3. Between 2001 and 2003, a study of 194 women and men suffering from osteoarthritis of the hip or knee showed that wearing magnetic bracelets reduced their pain.

4. Studies have shown that magnetic pulses relieve severe depression. Researchers in this field say that the pulses activate cells deep inside the brain. Static magnets are used by Tibetan monks to relieve depression.

5. Dr. Michael Weintraub reported that a study of 375 diabetics who wore a magnetic device for one month showed that the magnets were “equal to or better than that from drugs.”

6. Pulsed magnetic fields affect bones and tissue, and they are routinely used to help heal knee pain and neck pain.

7. University of Houston researchers used magnets on 50 patients with severe post-polio pain. The study was considered a success. To prevent the placebo effect, half of the participants were given sham magnets, and half used static diskmagnets at the site of their pain. The real magnets cut the pain by more than half, but the sham ones had little effect.

8. It is a known fact that magnetic fields affect living tissue, and therefore our bodies. Pulsed magnetic fields are used to treat mental illness, and Yale researchers have shown that this treatment reduces the phantom “voices” schizophrenics hear in their minds.

9. Studies in Japan show that static magnets help to relieve pain in the neck and shoulders.

10. Dr. Ronald Lawrence used magnets to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. In a 22 patient study, 91 percent of the patients showed improvement after using magnets.

Study after study has shown that magnet therapy can help with many conditions, including: neck, shoulder, and back pain, peripheral neuropathy, menstrual pain, speeding wound healing in plastic surgery patients, and even reducing the side effects of chemotherapy.

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    Metal Color

    blue, gold, green, Light Pink, Mesh Black, Purple, Rose Red

    24 reviews for Rhinestone Double smart magnetic mesh Slimming Bangle

    1. Quincy Monahan

      Great price and very good quality.

    2. Zachary Cremin

      Good product, the packaging is flimsy, but everything is whole!!!

    3. Javier Gleichner

      Good quality! Came to me nicely in 2 weeks.

    4. Gillian Vandervort

      Good product, would be better if it had an all in key though. But good overall. Correct price

    5. Cary Borer

      Good set, but the color is slightly different

    6. Lloyd Wunsch

      Good quality! Came to me nicely in 2 weeks

    7. Jasper Swaniawski

      Great bulbs backed up by good customer support

    8. Melany Reichert

      Good quality, fast shipping to the US, the item is as described. Would recommend again. Very happy

    9. Odell Parisian

      Great material. Very comfortable and looks nice.

    10. Ellis Schmidt

      Good quality, fast shipping to the US, the item is as described. Would recommend again. I am really happy with this purchase.

    11. Sterling Bartell

      Good quality product. Excellent work and thank you, when I can I would like to buy more from this store. Recommend!!!

    12. Quinn Hintz

      Great item, it’s working really well and came quickly. Strongly recommend.

    13. Jamar Kohler

      Great quality for the price.

    14. Otho Keebler

      Good service. However the good is little too hard but satisfied with overall quality.

    15. Hilton Howell

      Good quality. It`s worth my money, arrived in perfect condition.

    16. Richie Hegmann

      Great product, no remarks, Amazing Customer Service… really fast response to solve my trouble, shipping took a bit longer. Affordable price

    17. Rocio Crist

      Great product with amazing and reasonable price.

    18. Adam Ullrich

      Good quality, arrived in perfect condition.

    19. Wilford Gutmann

      Got it. Sent quickly. Seller communicated often to inform about shipping status.

    20. Branson Mayert

      Great customer service and regular helpful updates on my order

    21. John Larson

      Great quality product, really affordable for everyone

    22. Louvenia Gleichner

      Great Quality

    23. Mark

      This product is great!

    24. Jay Bernier

      Received it in around a month. Packed normally, nothing was broken.

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