Led Makeup Mirror With Lights

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We absolutely LOVE this portable, Smart LED Mirror!

If your makeup has got to be on point and picture perfect, then this is exactly the mirror you need!

The easy to use, on/off touch button doubles as a touch screen dimmer switch. Simply press and hold your finger on the small circle to acquire the perfect amount of light needed to touch up your makeup.

Perfect Complexion With Clarity
At the touch of a button, this 10.7 inch, High Definition Vanity Mirror will show you every detail you want to see and help you hide every detail you don’t want seen!

Find The Perfect Viewing Angle For You
Featuring 180° of swivel vertical rotation, connecting the mirror to the base!

Magnified Confidence
Features a Detachable 10X Magnification Spot Mirror, that has rear-mounted suction cups, and mounts easily to the mirror or any other smooth, flat surface for your added convenience!

Portable Beauty Products
Whether you’re a growing princess or a modern woman, there’s no denying the convenience of portability when it comes to making sure your makeup is just right! Thanks to its battery-powered, cordless portability, the Smart LED Mirror is ready to go wherever beauty is needed! Requires 4 x AA Batteries (Not Included)


  • Can stand in a flat position
  • Use battery Or USB cable
  • The material used is not easy to damage
  • Unlimited gear touch screen intelligent switch
  • Open can be stopped at various angles to use
  • Full range of illumination without dead angle
  • 16 LED lights, can adjust the brightness. In a dark place can clearly reflect your appearance
  • Easy to operate a powerful switch, the ability to adapt to different light, different light environment.
  • Can find the light intensity that you need in touch screen intelligent switch

Installing the batteries:

Remove the battery cover on the back of the mirror
Insert 4 x AA batteries in the direction indicated inside the battery compartment
Be sure to insert the battery correctly ( +/ -)
Replace the battery cover

Instructions for use:

To turn on, move the switch on the back of the mirror to ON
Firmly press the circle on the front of the mirror, the lights will be illuminated
Press and hold the circle to reduce the light intensity
Press the circle again to turn the lights off
When not in use, move the switch on the back of the mirror to OFF
This will save standby power consumption

Package includes:
1 x Makeup Mirror
​1 x USB Cable


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Led Makeup Mirror Benefits 

How Magnification Works and What 10X Means
All mirrors reflect light, but magnifying mirrors reflect light in a special way. These mirrors are known as concave spherical mirrors. They reflect light, but they also focus it in such a way that the image looks larger.

Magnifying mirrors are shaped like satellite dishes, called a parabolic shape. In other words, they’re concave. This means that all beams of light are focused on to a central focal point, so whatever is hitting your face is reflected in the mirror head-on and not an angle.

The mirror’s parabolic shape concentrates the light progressively as it reaches the focal point. It’s the concentration of these beams of light that create the magnification result. The magnification intensifies the closer and closer the light gets to the focal point, which is why the magnification increases as you step away from the mirror.

With a 10X magnification mirror, the image you see is magnified ten times life size – a simple concept.

Why Should You Choose a 10X Magnification Mirror?
You know what 10X magnification means, but you may be wondering why you would buy one. Here are just a few of the many reasons we recommend 10X mirrors (you can read here which models I think are the best).

You Don’t Need Glasses When You Put On Makeup
One of the biggest and most obvious benefits to choosing a magnification mirror is that you don’t have to wear glasses when you put on your makeup.

If you don’t wear contacts, you may not put on makeup at all because you just can’t see anything when you take off your glasses. No one wants to squint or stand two inches from the mirror just to put on some mascara and eyeliner.

With a 10X magnification mirror, you can put on a face full of makeup without ever needing to put on your glasses.

A Lighted Mirror Will Give You Flawless Results
A 10X lighted makeup mirror will give you the perfect lighting for flawless makeup application.

While you can rely on your home’s lighting, the bulbs on a makeup mirror are designed to project light directly in front of your face. The direction of the lighting illuminates your entire face, so you can apply your makeup properly.

We’ve discussed the importance of lighting and the angle of the lighting numerous times. Overhead lighting creates unwanted shadows that make it more difficult to apply your makeup. Most of the time, you wind up overcompensating by applying too much.

But with a lighted mirror, you never have to worry about this problem.

Tweeze Your Eyebrows Like a Pro
Magnification mirrors can either be your best eyebrow tool, or your biggest enemy when it comes to eyebrow tweezing.

With ultra-high magnification levels, you can see every last little stray hair. That may sound like a good thing, but when that happens, you wind up over-tweezing. No one can see those little fine stray hairs unless they look at you under a magnifying glass. Over-tweezing can irritate your skin and may even make you break out.

With that said, a 10X magnification mirror can actually be useful when tweezing your eyebrows. The levels aren’t so high that you’re seeing every fine little detail. The level is just right for seeing the hairs you need to pluck.

Shave with Ease
A 10x magnification mirror is also great for shaving. The magnification allows you to zoom in on the area you’re shaving, so you make sure you get every last hair.

These mirrors can be especially useful if you’re used to using a mirror that’s far away, like a traditional vanity mirror. The magnification allows you to see without having to hover over a big mirror.

Why is Lighting Important?
When buying a makeup mirror, lighting is one of the most important things to consider. A 10x lighted magnifying mirror will give you both the lighting and the magnification you need to apply your makeup like a true professional.

Lighting is important for a number of reasons:

It Lets You Apply Your Makeup Anywhere
If you choose a compact mirror, you can apply your makeup anywhere and anytime. The lighting allows you to see your face clearly even if the lighting in the room is poor.

It’s the closest thing to natural daylight you’re going to get.

It Lets You See Yourself in Your Best Light
Did you know that fluorescent and yellow lighting are the worst for makeup application? They make your face look unnaturally lighter, which forces you to overcompensate when applying your makeup.

Makeup mirrors use just the right lighting to recreate natural daylight.

And the great thing about these mirrors is that they typically use LED lights, which last a very long time.

It Lets You Try Out New Looks with Confidence
A lighted makeup mirror allows you to try out new makeup looks with confidence because you know you know you have just the right lighting to do it properly. In the wrong lighting, a new makeup look may not turn out how you wanted.

Whether it’s winged eyeliner or a brave new color combination, a lighted mirror will help ensure that you don’t overcompensate and wind up looking too overdone.

A 10X lighted makeup mirror can help you achieve the makeup look you want without forcing you to spend a small fortune on a brand new bathroom mirror. But these mirrors are great for other things, too, including eyebrow grooming and shaving. With so many uses, everyone in the house will love and use this mirror.

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22 Led Lights White, 22Led Lights Black, 22Led Lights Gold

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