Jewelry Hairpin Just For You

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Jewelry Hairpin Just For You

Jewelry Hairpin !!!

Any girl wants her hair really great when she goes to work, go out, or date. But hair styling takes you time. Don’t worry, just with our Jewelry hairpin will make you more outstanding and attractive. 4 different shape designs help your hair change every day which will no longer be monotonous and boring. Let’s own it!

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Note: Due to High Demand Promotional Items May Take Up To 2-4 weeks for delivery. 


We’re thrilled to support Nanhi Pari Foundation is a Girl Child Right Organization which works for Education, Health & Nutrition for Girl Child.


Jewelry Hairpin Just For You      Jewelry Hairpin Just For You    Jewelry Hairpin Just For You     Jewelry Hairpin Just For You


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Jewelry Hairpin Just For You

Hair pin  History

A hair pin or hairpin is a long device used to hold a person’s hair in place. It may be used simply to secure long hair out of the way for convenience or as part of an elaborate hairstyle or coiffure. The earliest evidence for dressing the hair may be seen in carved “venus figurines” such as the Venus of Brassempouy and the Venus of Willendorf. The creation of different hairstyles, especially among women, seems to be common to all cultures and all periods and many past, and current, societies use hairpins.

Hairpins made of metal, ivory, bronze, carved wood, etc. were used in ancient Assyria and Egypt for securing decorated hairstyles. Such hairpins suggest, as graves show, that many were luxury objects among the Egyptians and later the Greeks, Etruscans, and Romans. Major success came in 1901 with the invention of the spiral hairpin by New Zealand inventor Ernest Godward. This was a predecessor of the hair clip.

The hairpin may be decorative and encrusted with jewels and ornaments, or it may be utiliarian, and designed to be almost invisible while holding a hairstyle in place.

Some hairpins are a single straight pin, but modern versions are more likely to be constructed from different lengths of wire that are bent in half with a u-shaped end and a few kinks along the two opposite portions. The finished pin may vary from two to six inches in final length. The length of the wires enables placement in several styles of hairdos to hold the style in place. The kinks enable retaining the pin during normal movements.

A hairpin patent was issued to Kelly Chamandy in 1925.

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    26 reviews for Jewelry Hairpin Just For You

    1. Michale Kohler

      Packed well, everything is intact! Thank you. I’m going to try the item

    2. Eloy McCullough

      Purchased as a gift for friends. They were very pleased!

    3. Ramiro Kertzmann

      Quick friendly service

    4. Garry Buckridge

      Perfect!!! I’m happy with this purchase. This is my honest review and I didn’t receive anything in return.

    5. Orval Hartmann

      Product arrived in good condition, high quality, packed like cabbage

    6. Herminio Paucek

      Perfect quality!!! Like it a lot, will order more!

    7. Hazle Kozey

      Packed well, even the box did not crumple

    8. Reymundo Koch

      Product has fair pricing with really good quality!

    9. Devan Schaden

      Perfect! Cheap, versatile, and durable.

    10. Deron Skiles

      Perfection! Highly recommend. The seller is amazing!

    11. Elmer Tremblay

      Packing is not broken. Inside corresponds to the description.

    12. Rey Greenfelder

      Product came in quick with good condition, let’s use it and see.

    13. Immanuel Nitzsche

      Product received, without damage, well packed.

    14. Mauricio Ritchie

      Quick delivery, and item quality is awesome

    15. Casimer Welch

      Past problem, but all good now

    16. Howell Schinner

      Product delivered on time and well packed. Material quality very good. Practical and easy to use. Recommend the product with both quality and correct price

    17. Oswald Ferry

      Pretty tunic! Great price. The material is so soft and beautiful. I will buy another in a different color.

    18. Kameron Kovacek

      Packed well, in a branded package, zip lock. Good quality

    19. Virgil O’Reilly

      Packing is just a fairy tale!!! Very neat, incredibly. Seller big well done, thank you I love you

    20. Remington Leffler

      Product delivery speed and packing as specified

    21. Theo Jakubowski

      Quality good, fair price, really liked already tried very satisfied

    22. Eladio Orn

      Packed well! Respect and respect the seller for more such competent and responsible

    23. Jerad Cummerata

      Perfect!!! Of course I will buy more.. thanks

    24. Russell Kunze

      Product looks the same as seller’s description. Timely shipping and in perfect condition.

    25. Mark

      This product is great!

    26. Nikko Balistreri

      Well packaged, good quality. I recommend

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