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Fuel Saver Car Compact Just For You !!!

Fuel Saver Car, Surely, we all love using our cars to travel because it gives us convenience and safety when comparing it to public transportation. But are you feel tired of your high consumption of gas? It is wouldn’t more wonderful if you could save much gas money rather than watch it gets guzzled up. Fuel Saver Car,The Compact car fuel saver is exactly what you need. It is a gas-saving device that helps your car save up to 20% of the gas mileage. Fuel Saver Car, This innovative product has an electric balance technology that optimizes your car’s electrical system. It also gives you better acceleration, more horsepower, longer battery life, and cleaner emission. Fuel Saver Car, Perfect for every car! 

Compact Car Fuel Saver Just For You

Fuel Saver Car, Features:

Simply plug this item into your car’s cigarette lighter and it instantly begins to save gas and your money.
Save 20% or more on gas.
Just plug and save.

Fuel Saver Car, You can experience more horsepower, better acceleration, longer battery life, and cleaner emissions….
Save on gas, save our earth.
Compact and lightweight.
Easy to use and starts working instantly.
You can now join our satisfied customers and experience significant savings on your car’s gas bill.

Fuel Saver Car, New Portable Car Fuel Saver Save On TV Gas Fuel Economizer Save Gas Features for Vehicles 1PC

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      Compact Car Fuel Saver Just For You    Compact Car Fuel Saver Just For You     Compact Car Fuel Saver Just For You


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Compact Car Fuel Saver Just For You

Smart Windshield Cover

Fuel Saver Car, Fuel economy

Smart driving techniques and a little planning can significantly improve fuel economy
For best economy, drive smoothly and avoid accelerating harder than required
Look ahead in traffic and drive as smoothly as possible
Try to maintain a steady safe speed. Accelerating, slowing, and accelerating again wastes fuel
Use the gearbox sensibly. Driving in a lower gear than necessary and revving the engine hard wastes fuel. Change up through the gears as soon as practical, but not so the engine labours
An automatic transmission will shift up through the gears quicker if you ease back slightly on the accelerator once the car has gained sufficient speed
If your car’s auto transmission has an economy mode (you may need to check your owner’s handbook), use it

Fuel consumption increases with speed. Travelling at 110km/h instead of 90km/h could increase fuel use by as much as 25 percent
Use cruise control (if fitted) during highway driving to maintain a steadier cruising speed
Avoid prolonged engine idling. Switch off the engine if delays are expected to be lengthy
Warming up an engine before driving away wastes fuel
Avoid heavy traffic if possible. Reschedule your trip or use an alternative route to avoid congestion
A cold engine is less fuel-efficient and emits more pollutants so plan your travel to minimise cold starts
Using your car’s air conditioner sparingly. If it doesn’t have air conditioning, leave the windows up and use the ventilation system to reduce aerodynamic drag when travelling over about 50 km/h
Care for your car and save
Proper servicing and maintenance will help to ensure your car ‘s longevity and reliability
Keep the engine correctly tuned, filters in good condition, the fuel and ignition systems operating correctly
Change engine oil and filter as specified
Use the recommended grade of oil
If your car is fitted with a car burettor, ensure the choke is correctly adjusted to reduce petrol wastage
Low tyre pressure increases rolling resistance and fuel use
Setting pressures slightly higher than specified can improve fuel economy
Incorrect wheel alignment increases rolling resistance and fuel use
Carrying unnecessary weight increases fuel use
Roof racks etc. increase wind resistance and fuel use

Think transport options
The less you use your car, the less fuel it will use
Consider alternatives such as public transport, car-pooling, walking or riding a bike
Ask yourself if the trip is necessary
If you have more than one car, use the more fuel-efficient one when practical

Choose the right Car
Think critically about your motoring needs.
A car that is bigger and more powerful than you really need will end up costing more in fuel and operating costs
When choosing between cars, compare their relative fuel efficiencies. A label fitted to the windscreen of new cars will help you to compare the relative fuel efficiency of vehicles
If you are considering a 4WD, ask yourself if you really have sufficient use for this style of vehicle, as the cost of owning and running one can be considerable
If you have a two car household, consider making one of these a small car and using it whenever practical in preference to the larger one

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