VR Headset 3D Glasses Virtual Reality Immersive

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VR Headset 3D Glasses Virtual Reality Immersive

Note:In order to give you 100% protection of your purchasing glasses, we will update the shipping into air filled column bag pack like the following picture.

 1. VR Headset, IMAX theater panoramic surround sound: compatible with 4.7 to 6.2 inch (full screen 6.5 inch) size Android or IOS mobile phone, independent sound card drive 50mm large diaphragm headphone unit, accurately restore the sound position and movement tracking, aspherical high The lens achieves an IMAX cinema effect.

2. VR Headset, Multi-person online KTV Enjoy K-song with friends at any time and place: real-time ear return, 360 degree radio, high-fidelity input without noise,

1) Independent amp chip: shields the noise and sound quality effect, crisp and clear bass experience, optimizes the diaphragm front volume, creates a more dynamic bass, clear treble and larger sound field.

2) Independent DSP chip: VR Headset, Voice-changing vocal algorithm,6 kinds of live effect reverberation +4 kinds of voice-changing effects, digital audio processing technology, K-song intelligent vocal and simulated multiple scenes are completely muted.

3. Vision-adjustable support for wearing glasses: VR Headset, Also support no glasses, myopia 400 to farsighted 200 can be adjusted.

4. Enrich application and video resources

5. Ambient sound interception function: VR Headset, After the ambient sound interception function is enabled, the microphone will be automatically turned on when there is a sound around, and the important message will not be missed while watching the immersive movie.

6.110 degree aspherical high lens: VR Headset, 110 degree field of view, optimized optical design, effectively eliminate stray light and halo, lighter to wear, larger and clearer field of view.

7. Wireless earphone connection Intelligent analysis vibration: VR Headset, wireless earphones automatically connect, intelligently analyze audio vibration, free answer/hang up phone game mode, cinema mode, multiple vocal modes to switch at will.

8. Easy to carry, folding design: smaller size, easy to carry

9. Fashion new appearance: the shell is made of fashionable and elegant white leather, and the face fits without leakage and has better ventilation performance.

VR Headset Specification:

Compatible system: Android4.4 or IOS8 or higher

Suitable for mobile phones: 4.7-6.2inch

Lens: 52mm diameter aspheric superlens

Field of view: 110 degree

Vision adjustment: 200 degrees farsightedness to 400 degrees of myopia

Wireless connection: BT 4.1, BLE dual protocol

Headphone unit:diameter 50mm, 112+-3dB (1KHZ)

Microphone: omnidirectional condenser mic, -42dB

Vibration unit: independent vibration on the left and right sides

Built-in battery: 3.7V lithium polymer battery, 600mA/H

Charging power supply: DC 5.0V+-0.3V/500mA,Micro USB interface

Product size: 140* 181*115mm (after folding)

VR Headset Package List:

1*BOBOVR Z6 Wireless

1*User manual

1*PVC Package

1*Cleaning cloth

No Bluetooth Gamepad or

1*Bluetooth Gamepad (Optional) , the batteries of gamepad are not included .

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VR Headset 3D Glasses Virtual Reality ImmersiveVR Headset 3D Glasses Virtual Reality ImmersiveVR Headset 3D Glasses Virtual Reality ImmersiveVR Headset 3D Glasses Virtual Reality ImmersiveVR Headset 3D Glasses Virtual Reality ImmersiveVR Headset 3D Glasses Virtual Reality ImmersiveVR Headset 3D Glasses Virtual Reality Immersiveboboz6_08VR Headset 3D Glasses Virtual Reality Immersiveboboz6_10

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VR Headset 3D Glasses Virtual Reality Immersive


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Virtual Reality Facts 

Here are some interesting but largely unknown facts about Virtual Reality.

VR Fact 1: Predominantly 21st Century Tech

Virtual Reality became popular only in the last decade. Until the 1990s, virtual reality was largely a no-show since the devices were overpriced and quality was bad. 

VR Fact 2: It’s not only about Gaming

Virtual reality is not only about just gaming, but is being used in verticals like automotive, healthcare, education, military, and more.

VR Fact 3: Higher Penetration of VR by Smartphones

Most VR  enablers are smartphones than computers.

VR is an add-on to smartphones, just like audio headsets.

VR Fact 4: Can be integrated with other Technologies

VR can be integrated with artificial intelligence to help users in dealing with risky sectors. 

For instance, it can be used to monitor areas of nuclear power plants that can be dangerous for human health.

VR Fact 5: Advanced form of Communication

Many academics have suggested that VR will evolve into an advanced way of communication. 

In the future, you may be able to meet and communicate with people in near-reality through VR.

VR Fact 6: Ultra-realistic Model

Virtual reality is used as a 3D modeling tool by many manufacturing industries, as well as in healthcare. 

In the healthcare industry, it is being used to visualize and analyze the holistic condition of patients.

VR Fact 7: Education & Training

VR enables both students and teachers to learn and experience concepts with ease.

They are also able to interact with these concepts in an immersive environment.

VR Fact 8: Adopted by U.S. Military

In the U.S., virtual reality is used by all three branches of the military, to train personnel in various terrains and environments. 

VR Fact 9: Developing Technology

Virtual reality is a fast developing technology and there is more to its evolution. The next frontier is working with human senses.  


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