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Retro Vinyl Record Rug

Retro Vinyl Record Rug!!! The ’50s and’ 60s were a time of great romance, songs and great classics and today

Evil Eye Blue Charm Leather Bracelets

Evil Eye Blue Charm Leather Bracelets  !!! Multi layer Weave Punk Vintage Cuff Beads Evil Eye Charm Blue Leather Bracelets.

925 Sterling Silver Star Stud Earrings

925 Sterling Silver Star Stud Earrings !!! Authentic 925 Sterling Silver CZ Exquisite Stackable Star Stud Earrings for Women Jewelry

Charming Star Moon earrings

Star Moon charming earrings !!! Moon is a symbol of eternal love, unconditional and unchanging. This Special-Edition Star Moon Charming

Bohemia Ceramic Bracelets

A bohemian style bracelet for all nature lovers! This bracelet is inspired by the vibrant colors of summer. The ceramic

Moonstone Ring

Stylish and great for everyday wear! Good gift for Twilight movie fans. This is a sterling silver replica ring worn by