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Voice Recording Pen Just For You

Voice Recording Pen, The Professional Voice Recorder Pen is the only pen in the market today that writes with real ink while doubling as a hidden audio recorder. It features a low-profile LED screen for easy duration viewing and a form factor that fits very comfortably in your hand making it great for meetings, lectures, and memos.
Hi-Fi Level Recording Quality
Voice Recording Pen, The Professional Voice Recorder allows you to document and record important audio without any obstructive background noise using its studio-grade microphone pickups. 
Ultra Elegant Sleek Design
Voice Recording Pen, The Professional Voice Recorder Pen packs an extra slim design making it the slimmest, most discreet voice recording pen on the market today. No bulk, no obnoxious design, just a sleek, slim, and elegant pen. 
Long-Lasting Battery Life
Voice Recording Pen, Record long audio sessions without worrying about your battery. The Professional Voice Recorder Pen flaunts a whopping 60 hours of standby time and 38 hours of recording time!
Low Profile LED Screen 
Voice Recording Pen, Unlike cheaply made recording pens available in the market today, the Professional Voice Recorder Pen comes with a built-in low profile screen allowing you to check the duration of your recording in just one glance. It also has its function buttons embedded below the screen giving you full control of your audio recording.
Voice Recording Pen, Package Includes: 
1 * Professional Voice Recorder Pen
1 * Charger
1 * USB Cable
1 * Instructions

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Voice Recording Pen, Recording Facts

The earliest methods of recording sound involved the live recording of the performance directly to the recording medium. This was an entirely mechanical process, often called “acoustical recording”. The sound of the performers was captured by a diaphragm with the cutting needle connect to it. The needle made the grooves in the recording medium.

Voice Recording Pen, To make this process as efficient as possible the diaphragm was located at the apex of a cone and the performer(s) would crowd around the other end. If a performer was too loud then they would need to move back from the mouth of the cone to avoid drowning out the other performers. As a result of this, in early Jazz recordings a block of wood was used in place of the bass drum.

Voice Recording Pen, The introduction of electrical recording made it possible to use microphones to capture the sound of the performance. The leading record labels switched to the electric microphone process in 1925, and most other record companies followed their lead by the end of the decade. Electrical recording increased the flexibity and sound quality. However once the performance was still cut to the recording medium, so if a mistake was made the recording was useless.

Voice Recording Pen, Electrical recording made it possible to record one part to disc and then play that back while playing another part, recording both parts to a second disc. This is called over-dubbing. The first commercially issued records using over-dubbing were released by the Victor Talking Machine Company in the late 1920s. However overdubbing was of limited use until the introduction of analog audio tape. Use of tape overdubbing was pioneered by Les Paul and is called ‘sound on sound’ recording. In this way performances could be built up over time.

Voice Recording Pen, The analog tape recorder made it possible to erase or record over a previous recording so that mistakes could be fixed. Another advantage of recording on tape is the ability to cut the tape and join it back together. This allows the recording to be edited. Pieces of the recording can be removed, or rearranged. See Audio editing

Voice Recording Pen, The introduction of electronic instruments (especially keyboards and synthesisers), effects and other instruments has led to the importance of MIDI in recording. For example, using MIDI timecode, it is possible to have different equipment ‘trigger’ without direct human intervention at the time of recording.

Voice Recording Pen, In more recent times, computers (digital audio workstation) have found an increasing role in the recording studio, as their use eases the tasks of cutting and looping, as well as allowing for instantaneous changes, such as duplication of parts, the addition of affects and the rearranging of parts of the recording.

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    This product is great!

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    Great to do all bussiness with. All done as promised.

  25. Jasper Dooley

    Great to do all bussiness with. All done as promised.

  26. Jasper Dooley

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