Spinal Alignment Comfort Cushion

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Spinal Alignment Comfort Cushion

Spinal Alignment Comfort Cushion!!!

Sitting for long periods of time puts great pressure on our tailbone and hips. Unfortunately, many jobs and activities require excessive sitting. Spinal Alignment Comfort Cushion alleviate your achy spine and backside when sitting on the cushion. Say goodbye to sore, stiff muscles caused by sitting all day or long car rides. The Spinal Alignment Comfort Cushion flexes and conforms to your tailbone and body shape, absorbing key pressure points. Patented Polymer-bind Honeycomb structure fully supports pelvic and lower spinal cord greatly reducing pressure while assisting in blood flow to the legs and feet. The Honeycomb structure allows air to circulate through ensuring it says cool when touched. Buy it!

Unique Honeycomb Design- Medical grade gel material does not irritate the skin. It adopts more than 300 balanced pressure and flexible honeycomb grid design, disperses the pressure of the whole buttocks and thighs, perfectly fits the buttocks curve, soft and without losing support force, the thickness of 1.5 inch is enough to support the weight of the body.

Clean and Breathable- This unique gel honeycomb cooling structure greatly reduces heat transfer between the buttocks and the seat, increases air circulation and keep cool at the bottom for sedentary.

Relieve Pain- Effectively prevent and alleviate various pain symptoms, including tail bone problems, lumbar strain, sciatica, and degenerative disc disease. Relieve sedentary fatigue, avoid soreness and numbness caused by compression of the buttocks muscles, create a relaxed and comfortable sitting position, and let the body relax better.

widely application- Suitable for various use scenarios: home, office, car, travel, stadium, wheelchair, etc. After 80000 times of pressure testing, the gel memory cushion material wear rate is less than 5%, high flexibility and good resilience for a long service life.

Easy to wash- The gel cushion includes a magnet anti-slip cloth cover. The cloth cover has a zipper design. The seat cushion is taken out for washing. It is suitable for gentle washing with water and naturally dried. Avoid sun exposure.

New egg tray gel flexible seat cushion breathable honeycomb design absorption pressure point support cushion good sitting posture
 Maximum mitigation and comfort – specially designed for extended construction using superelastic gel polymers.

Promote long-term good circulation in office chairs, cars, wheelchairs, benches or aircraft seats.
 Specially designed pressure relief system – unique gel pocket design ensures pressure release support for the buttocks, coccyx (tailbone), lower back, spine, ischial area, and buttocks.

 Balanced ergonomics – considered with each client, not only reduces stress, but also promotes healthy posture, weight distribution, and ease of movement.

Durable and convenient – the cushions include a non-slip, washable cover and seam treatment that makes transporting and storing cushions very easy.

Whether it’s used every day, or if you want to stay in the car for occasional long-term driving, the lid provides excellent protection for the gel structure.

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We’re thrilled to support Nanhi Pari Foundation is a Girl Child Right Organization which works for Education, Health & Nutrition for Girl Child.


Spinal Alignment Comfort Cushion      Spinal Alignment Comfort Cushion    Spinal Alignment Comfort Cushion     Spinal Alignment Comfort Cushion


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Spinal Alignment Comfort Cushion

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