Luxury Retro Design Mechanical Watches

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Luxury Retro Design Mechanical Watches !!!

Luxury Retro Design Mechanical Watches, Accessories are important items to make up your luxury and prominence, especially the watch. This Mechanical watch luxury is suitable for all types of costumes. You can combine it with any style you like. Buy it now!

Luxury Retro Design Mechanical Watches

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We’re thrilled to support Nanhi Pari Foundation is a Girl Child Right Organization that works for Education for Girl Child.


Luxury Retro Design Mechanical Watches      Luxury Retro Design Mechanical Watches    Luxury Retro Design Mechanical Watches     Luxury Retro Design Mechanical Watches


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Luxury Retro Design Mechanical Watches

Facts On Watches

1.Wristwatches were actually first designed for women. At the time watches were created it was the fashion for men to have a pocket watch. The first women to wear a wrist watch was in fact Elizabeth I, which was gifted to her by Robert Dudley, her suspected lover. It became fashionable for men to start wearing wristwatches much later in history, around the the start of the first world war.

2.The first record of time dates back to 2000 BC which is over 4000 years ago, and it was the same way in which we measure time now, in segments of 60. Interestingly, 2000 BC was the time when humans began to tame horses and use them for transport.

3.Pocket watches were first worn in the Tudor times and by Henry VIII himself however there were only single hour markers, the minute hand did not become part of a pocket watch until the 17th century.

4.The most expensive watch ever sold at auction is American actor Paul Newman’s Rolex which was sold for $17.8million. At the time of its sale it broke world records.

5.Although watches come in a variety of colours, the most popular colour for a watch is black. We believe the reason black is the most popular colour is because of it’s versatility. Black can be styled for both formal and casual occasions as well as a variety of different types of watches such as dress watches, divers watches and more.

6.Rolex was created as a brand in 1905 however it was not in Switzerland it was in fact in Great Britain in London. Rolex eventually moved to Geneva in 1920, a city well known for watch making.

7.Watches on a window display usually display ‘happy time’ at ten minutes past ten, this resembles a happy face projecting positive connotations for watch views passing by.

8.Diving watches are tested until they implode for maximum durability and quality, testing the watch to its limits. A good example of a watch brand testing a watch to its limit is Victorinox, here is a preview into their watch testing:

9.The first Casio G-shock watch was tested by simply throwing it out the window, a ten meter drop to be specific. That is one way to do it!

10.Various functionalities on watches such as water resistance, moon phase and date display are known as complications in the watch community. Watches can have multiple complications such as divers watches or pilot watches however dress watches have little or no complications other than simply telling the time.

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27 reviews for Luxury Retro Design Mechanical Watches

  1. Quincy Monahan

    Great price and very good quality.

  2. Ferne Borer

    Fully satisfied product with both of delivery time and price, excellent quality

  3. Zachary Cremin

    Good product, the packaging is flimsy, but everything is whole!!!

  4. Javier Gleichner

    Good quality! Came to me nicely in 2 weeks.

  5. Gillian Vandervort

    Good product, would be better if it had an all in key though. But good overall. Correct price

  6. Cary Borer

    Good set, but the color is slightly different

  7. Johathan Dietrich

    Good price, but it took almost 1 months to arrive

  8. Lloyd Wunsch

    Good quality! Came to me nicely in 2 weeks

  9. Jasper Swaniawski

    Great bulbs backed up by good customer support

  10. Melany Reichert

    Good quality, fast shipping to the US, the item is as described. Would recommend again. Very happy

  11. Aron Nienow

    Good for your money with high quality.

  12. Odell Parisian

    Great material. Very comfortable and looks nice.

  13. Ellis Schmidt

    Good quality, fast shipping to the US, the item is as described. Would recommend again. I am really happy with this purchase.

  14. Sterling Bartell

    Good quality product. Excellent work and thank you, when I can I would like to buy more from this store. Recommend!!!

  15. Quinn Hintz

    Great item, it’s working really well and came quickly. Strongly recommend.

  16. Morton Bechtelar

    Good for the price, Quality is not very good

  17. Nat Beer

    Good all round service

  18. Brendan Witting

    Good price. Highly recommend!

  19. Otho Keebler

    Good service. However the good is little too hard but satisfied with overall quality.

  20. Hilton Howell

    Good quality. It`s worth my money, arrived in perfect condition.

  21. Rocio Crist

    Great product with amazing and reasonable price.

  22. Adam Ullrich

    Good quality, arrived in perfect condition.

  23. Wilford Gutmann

    Got it. Sent quickly. Seller communicated often to inform about shipping status.

  24. Branson Mayert

    Great customer service and regular helpful updates on my order

  25. Marley Baumbach

    Good all round service, not disappointed

  26. Mark

    This product is great!

  27. Jocelyn Luettgen

    Great service, parcel always arrives intact. friendly staff.

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